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ARVRtise is a design, development, strategy, and experiential studio that infuses creativity, craft, and technology into ideas and one-of-a-kind experiences that challenge the status quo.


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Samsung AR


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We design unique ARVR advertising campaigns that make your product or service stand out from your competitors.


We customize our ARVRtise ChatGPT bot called AMA to ARVRtise your business.



If your end goal is to go viral on Twitter, drive traffic to your physical store, or only allow your NFT holders to unlock your hidden content, we have an ARVRtising campaign for you.


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We can 3D scan any physical object and convert it into branded AR, VR, or an NFT.


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Create an immersive virtual reality environment for your employees, customers, or fans.


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We specialize in customizing NFT domain names, virtual real estate, NFT products, NFT services, NFT contract services, whitelists, and airdrops.

Atlanta Botanical Garden NFT


"Kebab.capers.zest" in the NFT image are the directions to the Rose garden at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. If your customers type in three words, they can easily find your business and even the products inside your business by using the What3Words app.


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Run your business 100% on Telegram by accepting Telegram's cryptocurrency with a Telepay account. We will host your store's services or products for free and provide your business free ARVRtising.

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Watch ads on Telegram and get paid instantly in Telegram’s crypto currency.


You donate to barter our services. Or you can pay by purchasing an NFT to unlock our services. Stake our ARVRtise NFT services to earn up to 20% APY and we will provide ongoing free support. We also accept fiat that is converted at checkout to ETH, BTC, TON, Litecoin, and Tether for physical products and services.


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