Arvrtise - Flat fee blockchain AI arvrtising campaigns.

The Esports of Ads

We’re uniting 🅿️ros, 🅱️rands and Ⓜ️asterminds as A-Team to gamify ad campaigns. Monetize your Arvrtise A-Team PPV channel. Level up to become the #1 🅿️🅱️Ⓜ️

Why A-Team

AI will take over the advertising industry. Arvrtise is uniting the industry as one team that no longer has to compete with each for visibility. Join our premium PPV Discord A-Team to network, discover, and hire the highest-ranked: 🅿️ro (devs, freelancers, and influencers), 🅱️rand (businesses), and Ⓜ️asterminds (Wizards) on our leaderboard.


Free Ad

Create a free ad on our Reddit-like platform that enables users to upvote or downvote ads they prefer. Upgrade to unlock premium Arvrtising.



A high-performance chatbot framework that supports speech synthesis, multimodal, and extensible AI plugins. AI on steroids.



3D AR indoor/outdoor map to advertise your business or event. Tokenize any property in the world and we will Arvrtise it free.

AR Filters

We’re the Top 5% TikTok AR Effect filter creators. We build custom IG, FB, TikTok AR AD campaigns that rewards your followers.



Launch a ticket gated metaverse event space room that anyone in the world can access. Create a custom branded metaverse room today.



Beta test public and private platforms. Certify a skill with an NFT. Earn a NFT certificate for completing a blockchain, AI, or crypto course.


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Subscribe To The Future of Ads

Starting at $9.99 a month, gain access to 🅿️ros with a free week trial. 🅱️rands can advertise exclusive VIP sales for $12.99 a month. Unlock Ⓜ️astermind PPV channels with a subscription of $199 per month.