Guide to NFT Event Tickets for Non-Crypto Attendees

Hahz Terry

Arvrtise has revolutionized the event ticket industry with a groundbreaking Arvrtising event campaign blueprint. This blueprint transforms event attendees into your A-Team (Arvrtising team), allowing them to resell event tickets without involving the host.

The days of tiered platform ticket pricing and simply posting an event on a platform without a marketing campaign to maximize its success are a thing of the past. Arvrtise equips hosts with all the necessary tools to create an event campaign that caters to every attendee’s needs, enabling them to network within a branded Discord or Metaverse space leading up to the event day.

Networking within a token-gated space of like-minded individuals in our digital economy is the true value of attending an event powered by Arvrtise. Every event receives a custom emoji social media-friendly hashtag and a custom branded URL for your social media bio.

Additionally, attendees can purchase NFT event tickets without cryptocurrency by using a debit card, as shown here, or by claiming an event with their email address and phone number, as shown here.

NFT event tickets can significantly reduce ticket scalping and cancellations, as they offer the possibility of reselling a trending event ticket for a higher price than the original purchase.

What is NFT ticketing?

NFT ticketing, as the name suggests, involves tickets in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) residing on a blockchain, serving as access passes for live or virtual events. What sets NFT tickets apart from traditional digital tickets, often based on barcodes or QR codes, is the blockchain element.

With NFT tickets, both issuers and recipients enjoy several advantages. Issuers can maintain a comprehensive attendance record using the blockchain as a ledger while engaging with ticket holders in innovative ways through NFTs. They can send notifications, organize surprise giveaways, establish token-gated platforms and services, and more, all by aggregating data linked to specific NFT ticket holders.

Similarly, NFT ticket holders receive more than just entry passes; they obtain immutable and often interactive digital assets granting them event access. These tickets also open doors to exclusive experiences, such as fan clubs exclusively for holders of similar NFT tickets.

NFT tickets, on the other hand, are an extension of the robust network of concerts, festivals, conferences, weddings, and other live events that already exist. Imagine tickets to a metaverse or in-person event that offer holders perks instead of unnecessary middleman fees. The perks are tacked on to already thrilling experiences involving musicians, music festivals, nightclub events, etc.

DIY Ticket Arvrtising Campaign

Our DIY Ticket Arvrtising campaign is for the savvy event host that wants to take the wheel and Arvrtise their self.


Golden Ticket Arvrtising Campaign

We take the wheel for Golden ticket Arvrtising campaign subscribers by providing all of the inhouse staff and advanced marketing technology to maxiumize your events success.


Branded Event AR TikTok Filter

The advantages of a brand crafting its unique AR filter present an unmistakable opportunity to deeply engage its audience. However, if you’ve ever questioned why prominent brands such as Netflix, Gucci, Lego, Adidas, and H&M persist in crafting their personalized social AR encounters, here’s the answer.

Augmented Reality (AR) represents an interactive encounter that enables us to introduce digital elements into our physical surroundings. These enhancements can enhance our perception of reality, combining entertainment and educational elements seamlessly. AR Filters serve as social media’s interpretation of Augmented Reality, delivering a hyper-immersive experience accessible on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat. They can be tailored to your preferences efficiently and affordably, with quick development times. These filters have proven highly captivating, with some garnering billions of impressions.

One of the most popular features of TikTok is the use of augmented reality (AR) effects, which allows users to create and share videos with fun and engaging visual effects. In this article, we will explore how TikTok AR effects can revolutionize marketing to Gen Z and why businesses should consider integrating this technology into their marketing strategies.


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