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How a PPP TikTok Ad Campaign Works For Everyone

Hahz Terry

Ad Fraud and Solutions

A study by Lumio revealed that 10 – 20% of ad spend is squandered on clicks from bots and fake user profiles. These false clicks not only waste resources but also distort your analytics, complicating data-driven campaign optimizations.


The answer lies in a different payment approach: you only pay for video results that use your branded AR effect filter. Get started at $0 cost and pay every 30 days based on the proven performance of your PPP (Pay Per Posts) campaign on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook.

PPP (Pay Per Posts)

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As a solution to this industry pain point we created a new marketing campaign protocol called PPP®️ (pay per posts) which means you only pay per posts made using your custom branded AR effect filter 30 days after of the start of your social media marketing campaign.


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The Arvrtise analytics dashboard displays the level of engagement for AR effect filter campaigns worldwide. Arvrtise is currently ranked in the top 5% of effect creators on the number one search engine, TikTok.


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Arvrtise Idol

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Challenge your customers or fans to create the best Reel using your branded AR effect filter Arvrtise Idol style. Let your followers be judge of the winner by voting on the reel. We reward the top creators with free $LUV that can’t be purchased on an exchange. $LUV can be redeemed for products or services on Web5 LUVNFT.com or on Arvrtise.com. We can even host your Arvrtise Idol event in our Metaverse space.


Our solution to help unfunded businesses have an equal opportunity to compete with funded businesses is the creation of a $3 million PPP ad grant exclusively for unfunded companies. Unfunded businesses can apply for a grant or pay for an ad campaign with $LUV. One $LUV is the equivalent of one US dollar. Funded businesses can convert fiat to $LUV to save $5 per post.

The PPP (pay per post) fee is $20.00.

For example, if your AR effect was posted 200 times x PPP fee of $20.00, the monthly cost of the campaign would be $4,000. Try some of our AR TikTok effect filters here and let us know which one you LUV the most. Download our PPP pitch deck to learn more about how this campaign works for everyone.

Book a call to get started https://calendly.com/arvrtise


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